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Crane Safe Load Monitoring System (SLI)

Crane Safe Load Monitoring System is a device that is installed on a crane to monitor and display the weight of the load being lifted. It ensures that the crane is not overloaded, which can lead to accidents and equipment failure. The system consists of load sensors, a monitoring device, and an alarm that warns the operator when the crane is approaching its maximum safe load capacity. It is an important safety measure for industries that use cranes for lifting heavy loads.

– Load Cells, Load Pins
– Line Riding Tensiometers,
– LMI Systems with Pressure Transducers, Rated Capacity Indicators / Limiters, Under- hook Load Cells, Load Pin Shackles,
– Inclinometers, Anti-Two-Block Systems, Cable Reels (Length/Angle/Radius Sys- tems),
– Wind Speed Sensors and Displays, Slew Sensors
– Load and moment sensor
– Boom angle sensor
– Temperature Sensors

Crane Safe Load Monitoring System (SLI)

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