Offshore Kesuma

Health, Safety
and Environment

HSE Objective

The HSE policy statement is a key document in our Company Health, Safety, and Environment Manual. Its purpose is to ensure the continuous improvement of our company’s HSE performance, and to promote a culture of health, safety, and environmental protection among all employees.

The objectives of this document include:

Integrating HSE considerations into all aspects of our operations, and making them a core part of management's responsibilities.

Developing and implementing policies and procedures that promote safe working practices and environmental protection.

Ensuring the safe use, handling, storage, and transportation of materials and substances, and preventing any harmful discharges or emissions.

Encouraging everyone in the organization to actively support and implement our HSE Policy, as everyone's actions count.

Taking responsibility for our societal and global impact, including protecting the climate and complying with international conventions, local laws, and our own standards.

Policy Statement

Our company’s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policy is designed to:

Educate, train, and engage employees, suppliers, communities, and other relevant parties in HSE issues.

Provide and maintain a healthy working environment at all times.

Ensure that health and safety risks arising from work activities are adequately controlled, including communication with clients and sub-contractors.

Provide all employees with the necessary instruction, training, supervision, and information related to HSE.

Ensure that all employees are competent in their work activities and keep them informed of all HSE issues.

Conduct 'generic' risk assessments for common tasks where risk has been identified.

Encourage employees to take reasonable care for their own and others' health and safety, and to report any hazards to appropriate personnel.

HSE Goal

To Enhance Leadership Engagement

Strengthen HSE Management System

Encourage HSE Education and culture