Offshore Kesuma

Rexroth planetary gearboxes

Our company offers a comprehensive range of planetary gearboxes that deliver exceptional torque and gear ratios for a wide variety of applications. Our gearboxes are available as propel, swivel, or winch drives, and are compatible with numerous hydraulic motors.

In addition to the hydraulic motor options, we offer electric motor configurations within our eLION portfolio. Our central drives are designed for axle-driven vehicles, enabling electric drivetrains for both two and four-wheel drives. We also offer multi-speed manual gearboxes to meet a variety of operational needs.

Whether you need a propulsion system for a marine vessel or a winch drive for an industrial application, our Rexroth planetary gearboxes deliver the reliable performance and durability that you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about how our planetary gearboxes can enhance your operations.